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a) Original Artwork
b) Lithographs & Books
c) Collectanea

All original artwork is UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED for 30 days. If for ANY 
reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it for a full refund
(Less 1/2 of the shipping charges. Artwork must be in the condition at which it 
was shipped, and within it's original container.), no questions asked. Original art-
work can be reserved for 7 days by contacting me, with your
request. Sorry, no lay-away's ; c.o.d.'s; or trades accepted. All original artwork is 
guaranteed AUTHENTIC, with ownership of copyright belonging to Kent Steine.
(note: for puchase of original artwork and/or copyrights see Commissions:

b) All lithographs are guaranteed for condition. Lithographs are non-refundable, 
however will be replaced free of charge if yours arrives damaged or blemished. 
Unfortunately, because of limited quantities, books; and limited edition prints are
NON-RETURNABLE items. For information about wholesale prices of lithographs

c) All collectanea are one-of-a-kind items, and are non-returnable. Accurate condition
reports are posted within the item's provenance. Sorry, no lay-away's; c.o.d.'s; or
trades accepted. Collectanea can be reserved for 7 days by contacting Kent Steine: with your request.


TO PURCHASE original artwork, lithographs, books, prints and collectanea.

1) Complete the on-line order form.
2) Mail check; money order or cashiers check to: Kent Steine, 134 Acewood Boulevard. Madison, WI 53714-2502 U.S.A.


a) Private
b) Commercial/licensing

a) All private commissions require a 50% deposit of quoted price, with balance due upon
completion. For more information contact Kent Steine: 

b) For commercial commissions or information about licensing copyrighted images contact:



a) Lithographs, books and limited edition prints.
b) Original artwork and collectanea.

a) There are NO SHIPPING OR HANDLING charges for lithographs, books and limited edition prints. That's right, FREE SHIPPING!

b) There is a $15.00 handling charge for all original artwork; and collectanea shipped via Registered USPS. (REQUIRED)